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Outwards – Learning about Others


This is a complex set of related ideas which encompasses personal emotions (feelings about others) and practical social skills (behaviour towards others). To illustrate the difference between these two aspects of sociability, we can look at the 'self-others' reflection described by Allison (2000). He describes the 'emotive' difficulties involved in the post-expedition period as relationships with old friends adjust (typically towards a positive conclusion) and new friendships with other expedition participants grow in significance (ibid. pp.37-39). This is a different phenomenon from the development of social skills such as increased facility for cooperating with strangers and not prejudging others (Beames 2005).

One surprising feature here is the very limited focus on leadership. Leadership skills are often promoted as one of the key learning outcomes in youth expeditions, but there is in fact little evidence to suggest that this is something which young people learn.

Connectedness to others (Allison 1998; Allison 2005; Allison 2000)
Sense of community (Andrews 1999)
Interpersonal skills (Beames 2003)
Interpersonal growth (Beames 2004)
Social Adjustment (Bobilya et al 2009)
Avoid loneliness (Stott and Hall 2003)
Motivate others ; lead through consultation with others (Stott and Hall 2003) Increased sociability and responsibility (Watts et al., 1992, 1993 (a), 1994